The Commons Logo

The Commons seeks to move students who participate in student organizations toward the process of self-governance. Self-governance means VCU students are accountable to each other and the wider community for speaking and acting with integrity, reliability, and accountability.

Central to The Commons is our mission to support student development and build community through programs and services. This is highlighted in our values: Respect, Discovery, Responsibility, and Excellence. Through our mission and values, we will promote self-governance throughout our work. 

At its heart, self-governance gives students real responsibility and accountability for their actions, behaviors, and growth.

Self-governance starts with these beliefs:

  • As an adult, you are capable of making good decisions.
  • As a leader, you can address problems with others with maturity, openness, and civility.
  • As a member of the community, you will work to make the campus community the best it can be.

This philosophy applies to both academics and student life. It is supported both formally and informally by:

  • the University’s commitment to create REAL experiences for all students,
  • an administrative structure that intentionally supports self-governance and shared-governance, and
  • a campus community committed to social responsibility and justice.

Self-governance is not always easy, but it’s an approach that we believe encourages thoughtful actions, deliberate decisions, and real personal growth.