The Ram Horns Traditions

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Installed on the steps of The Commons Plaza in 2009, the Ram Horns sculpture, which was created by Timothy Blum, consists of two 14-feet-tall bronze, spiraling cylinders weighing approximately 3,500 pounds.

The Ram Horns Wish

A few years after the Ram Horns were installed, Kelli Lemon, Director of New Student Programs and VCU graduate, had the idea to incorporate The Ram Horns into a VCU tradition. To inspire a sense of belonging for new students, Ms. Lemon suggested the Ram Horn wish tradition.

Students make wish at the Ram Horns Plaza

During VCU new student orientation tours, the student tour guides playfully encourage new VCU students to touch the Ram Horns and make a wish for wonderful things to happen during their time at VCU.  

Many students say that while at VCU you should only touch the Ram Horns three times:

  1. During orientation
  2. When you receive your VCU class ring
  3. When you graduate from VCU

The Ram Horns wish tradition

The Ram Horns Selfies

Just as sculpture Timothy Blum imagined, almost every day you will see VCU students taking selfies at The Ram Horns Plaza. To get the photo just right, students stand about 30 feet from the Ram Horns Sculpture and sometimes stand on their toes.  By standing in just the right “selfie spot”,  it looks like the Ram Horns are attached to your head!

Student in front of the Ram Horns