Axis TV Requests & Tabling for Student Orgs

Digital Sigange: Campuswide Axis TV System

Official VCU organizations may submit digital signage requests by submitting a ticket for IT Support Request. To navigate to the form to submit a slide: click on New IT Support ticket, then Communications Collaboration, then Marketing and then Digital Signage.

Digital slides are formatted in a horizontal 1920 X 1080 px, JPG or PNG.  Canva is a free tool to use to design a slide.  When designing your slides, please keep in mind that slides are displayed for a period of 9 seconds before rotating to the next slide. With that in mind, please keep text content to a minimum and be sure to include the details: what, when, where, and a short web address or email contact for additional information. Be sure to include the calendar duration for the slide when submitting your requests. Ideally, requests should be submitted 10 business days before they are scheduled to run.

Note: Submitted slides are not guaranteed to be displayed on all players. Each digital display is owned and managed by individual departments. They reserve the right to determine appropriate content for their locations and audience.

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Student Org Tabling

There are almost always students tabling at The Commons and The Compass. This is an awesome way for student organizations to recruit members, share information, or promote events and programs. Typically the president of the student organization reserves space for tabling on the VCU EMS Web App.

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 Expressive Use Policy VCU 2020-2021

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